Since Ed’s passing in December of 2015, Dana has taken a year to make the difficult decision of closing down Cycle Sounds. As a result and starting today, Cycle Sounds is offering deals that will not be repeated and until the inventory is sold. All items will be sold “as is” and are not returnable nor will they carry any warranty, express or implied, or rights to return or receive a refund (see page). The deals will be priced so low that we will not be able to offer free shipping. Our prices to you under these circumstances will be a fraction of the pricing you see on this website. Please call us to inquire about pricing and place orders—1(866)427-2346

Customer Testimonials

Handlebar Speaker Kits

To Ed and the gang @ Cycle Sounds, Want to thank you for your hospitality when we visited in early Oct 2013 to update my wife’s Rock Box. She is thoroughly enjoying it… But most of all I want thank you for taking care of us with the upgrade for the Digital Amp (thought it was when we purchased from Powersports Superstore), but as we found out visiting y’all, it was indeed an analog amp. So u took care of us with the upgrade, and then with your help we talked the wife into Series 3 speakers for her Wide Glide. And again thanks for taking care of the upgrade… She LOVES her Cycle Sounds Rock Box with the Series 3 speakers. It sounds awesome! Thank you again she loves it!

Craig & Renate
Eldon, MO

series 2 motorcycle speaker kit with rock box radio

I ordered a Rock Box about 2 months ago and had a few minor issues I didn’t understand. I contacted Cycle Sounds and they put me in touch with Ed. What outstanding customer service I received. My Rock Box had to be returned for a problem now I’m not sure was their issue, Ed was more than happy to take care of me and assure me everything will work the way I wanted it to. It’s on my girlfriend’s bike who rides a Dyna Superglide Sport with Cobra pipes. The Rock Box and the Series 2 (2.5”-150w) handlebar speakers are loud and sound great. I had originally bought another manufacturer’s and thought I was happy until I heard the Cycle Sounds. They blew me away, they look great and my girlfriend loves them. What else can you want! If you are looking to buy motorcycle audio equipment and are not sure what to buy or where to start, please call Cycle Sounds. They are honest, fair and really know what they are talking about. They are willing to work with you no matter what the problem or how long it takes. Guys keep up the great work and keep pumping out the great products. Thanks again.

Darrin from Cleveland

I am amazed! I love my Harley Davidson Road King but they need help with their supplied sound systems. I purchased a 2011 Road King Classic with the Boom windshield audio system to keep the classic look of my motorcycle without a fairing but give me tunes. Unfortunately, the sound system was completely inadequate. In fact, I didn't know how inadequate it was until I had your Cycle Sounds audio system installed! It is louder, crisper and more like the sound system in my home. Even riding on the highway with the wind blowing, I can hear the lyrics to my music. I can't wait to see what you come up with next to help me integrate all my electronic gadgets.

Randy Edwards

Saw Ed today at Milwaukee House of Harley. Made a point to stop and tell him how great the cycle sounds he installed at the 105th anniversary is still rocking strong at the 110th!  We get many people who asked where we got the speakers for our road king and the stack of your business cards will be in the bike to pass out in the future. Thanks for making our journeys much better with music.

Lewie & Kris

Your CAJUN friends from Louisiana, wanted you to know we are soooo enjoying our sound system. It was great to hear music blasting south. Unlike Hog Tunes/crap! Our friends down here are impressed and we are definitely urging them to purchase. Thanks again! Enjoyed meeting you! Very satisfied customers.

Bruce & Patti Navarre

I received my RockBox and Series 3 handlebar speakers for a Christmas present for my Road King Classic in Dec 2012. The whole system is great, even at 75 mph (Oklahoma has a lot of turnpikes) I can still hear my music just fine. A short time later, and a new bike, my Rock Box died, it was a very sad day, however Ed and his team were there once again to make sure I loved my system again and I do. I cannot say it in any better words other than “I love my Rock Box and Series 3 speakers”. Ed and his team not only stand behind their product 110% but will ensure that you are happy with it and will work till you are happy.

John Lehmann
Broken Arrow, OK

Pulled into my driveway and was super stoked to see my sound system was waiting for me at the door already! Just ordered it yesterday... great service/speedy shipping! Can't wait to hook it up!! THANKS! 

Jim from Iowa
(Yamaha Stryker)

I spoke with ya'll a few times over the past few weeks or so. I'm the sucker that bought the Pyle o'crap system from Motorcycle Tunes and sent them back. They only gave me $230 of my $355 back...dirty dogs. You really impressed me with your customer service and I wasn't even a customer yet. I ordered your 3" system Tuesday I believe. It arrived today, installed it in less than an hour. When I opened the box I chuckled just a little because I immediately realized what a joke Motorcycle Tunes really is in comparison. I could feel the quality in the wiring harness just by the weight. The brackets are very sturdy, speakers feel real solid and I noticed they're serviceable…not throw aways. I was blown away by the amp. Again, the weight tells a story, heavy duty construction, solid wiring coming out, and the epoxy filling was an impressive surprise. I looked over every piece of this system carefully and with a smile on my face. Before even installing I knew that my money was well spent. Even if the system didn't turn out to be as loud as I was hoping for, I knew this was well built and would last. I plugged in my smart phone and started out with low volume, adjusted my equalizer as I turned it up so that I can go full blast without distortion. HOLY CRAP! My ears were ringing! Now that is one loud system. I jumped on the bike and took a quick 15 minute ride just to see how it did with the wind. My X-Bow pipes are modified and loud. I hammered it until I reached 80 mph and then coasted at that speed for just a minute. I could hear the music just fine as my pipes were screaming and with the wind blowing by at 80. I'm taking an 8 hour ride tomorrow and am looking forward to rocking out while I ride. Now I just need to save up for the volume control and the usb charger.

John McCool

I'm from Gatineau Quebec Canada; I called for help on my Cycle Sound System and spoke with a lady on the phone who transferred me to a lad in the installation department (not sure of his name I'm sorry), but I got the answer to my issue in a very professional way with precise info on what to troubleshoot. I just want to say THANK YOU very much for the help! The number I called was (1-816-525-2628) and they knew exactly what the issue was. If you send me your names and email addresses I would love to make this and official very happy customer letter that I can send to your boss to let him know how the service was outstanding. If not I'm sorry for not being able to put a name to both of you because you deserve credit once again. THANK YOU both, you know who you are! Great work! One happy Canadian biker. Have a wonderful day!

Marci Beaucoup
Quebec, Canada

My name is Brett and I live in Denver Colorado. I've had the pleasure of having Cycle sounds equipment on my bike. I have a 3 inch handlebar speaker system on my 2005 Road King Custom and it is probably the best thing I've done to my bike. Awhile ago I ran into some problems with wiring and not getting my set up to work properly. I called Cycle Sounds soon after and spoke with Eddie and his support staff. They instructed me to send in everything so they could take a look at it. Soon after I received a phone call from them telling me they had fixed everything, and walked me through how to install it. Of course, the problems I had were my fault and they went the extra miles to fix it and make it perfect! I've had so many people compliment me on my system and I direct them all to Cycle Sounds. We just returned from Sturgis where I had the pleasure to meet Eddie, what an awesome guy! Their whole staff over their is top notch and so are their systems. I'll never go anywhere else for my bike tunes with quality and customer service you get from CS!! You guys Rock!!

Brett Garner
Brighton, CO

I wanted to get a few more miles on before I talk about how great this setup is because I do not like putting my foot in my mouth, but the Series 3 Premium Speakers are great. I was hoping to ride my bike out to Sturgis this year but we have a build going on that week so we are not allowed to go this year. I have been showing them to my family (long-time Harley riders) and they are very impressed. My brother wants his own set now. I also showed them to a few electrical engineers and they were impressed too. They said your 3 Inch Premium Handlebar Speakers sounded better than some stock 6-1/2 inch fairing speaker setups. Thanks again and if you ever need a recommendation let me know… You have a great product.


Installation was a breeze, sound is incredible, exceeded my expectation and I could not be happier!


I just installed the sound system i purchased from you. For some time i was looking for a quality sound system to put on my bike and too be honest i was a bit skeptical about your system because every system i looked at was pretty much a waste of money --- up until now.

Your sound system is without a doubt simply fantastic - at speeds in excess of 75 mph - your speakers didnt loose a beat - not only do they sound great, they look great as well - they do not stand out and kinda just blend into the whole feel of the bike.


I just bought a custom Fatboy from a local dealer and after researching the installed equipment I found that the fabulous 3" speakers mounted on the handlebars are none other than Cycle Sounds! After riding with them I was completely blown away by the volume and clarity of such a small setup and had to find out what they were so I could share my experience.

If you are unfamiliar with Cycle Sound speakers, you owe it to yourself to check them out. This is an elborate set up for those owners who know there is no substitute for quality!


Huge fan of your product! Don't know how I rode without them. Everywhere I go, people want to know how, what and where the hell is that music coming from LOL. Thanks for making a great product!


After puttting the speakers on and running them I can tell you they are worth every penny. They look great and sound awesome. After they were professionally installed (me + electrical = fire and throwing of tools) I had three different guys at the shop and one guy roll down his truck window at a stop light to ask me about the product and where I got this system as I was riding home. Cant get better thumbs up review than that. I also have to commend you on contacting me directly about my questions. Very cool to talk to the actual inventor of the system and head of the orginization. Its great to talk to somebody who stands behing their stuff not afraid to get on the phone and talk to their clients. Nicely done. Thanks man!


Just wanted to say I received my 3 inch Cycle Sounds speakers and now have them installed! I did a lot of research and comparisons and chose to go with the Cycle Sounds system. These speakers ROCK!!! I put them on my Heritage and not only do they look good, but the sound good and makes the ride even more awesome! Thank you for a great product!

Sheila from Oklahoma!

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how pleased I am with my upgrade and the service of Cycle Sounds. I first received a set of chrome 2.5 speakers from my local shop when I laid my bike down back in April '11. When i started replacing parts that were damaged I started to "black out" the bike. Boy did I wish that you guys had black speakers systems. Then by chance I took another look at your site and I'll be dang if you guys weren't now selling Black kits.

I called Bill and spoke with him about exchanging my chrome set for the new black ones. As mine were still in the box and brand new Bill did an exchange (thanks Bill). When I got the set I put "em on and down the road I went. They were pretty darn awesome. But after a few long trips and Highway speeds nearing 80mph I decided I needed to upgrade to continue to enjoy my tunes doing that type of riding. Again I called Bill right just after Sturgis and worked out a deal with which we could both live.

I put these bad boys on just before leaving Labor day weekend for a 1500 mile trip. Holy S@#T… What a difference! these things were good looking, flowed well with the lines of my bike and best of all I could hear the music loud and clear even at 80+mph! The guys with stock baggers were even impressed that my "little system" was louder than theirs.

Hats off to Bill and the whole Cycle Sounds team for providing a great product with great customer service because I'll tell you, its hard to find both this day and age.


HI guys... I got the system installed and it is working perfect. I am very impressed. The sound quality and clarity out of these small speakers is amazing. The amp must be very clean power and the speakers of very high quality... that's the only way they would sound the way they do. You can actually hear the bass too... I love them!


I received a set of the 3" Cycle Sounds for a present and they are awesome! My bike is a 2010 Deluxe with Vance & Hines Long Shots that is rather loud and I can still hear the music over my exhaust... great!  I had one speaker fail and was worried about getting it replaced, but I gave it to my Harley store (not bought there), Gateway H-D in St. Louis and Kat the parts sales woman sent it back for me. They said no problem as it was under warranty and would be replaced. So in advance THANK YOU!  

It's nice to have two great places to deal with Cycle Sounds & Gateway Harley Davidson.

Bob Vincent

Just a quick note to say Thanks, After our phone conversation and the advice from your Tech I finally got this thing figured out. We took a 200 mile round trip to the Bridge last Sunday with no problems. It sounded great even at 80 mph with helmets my wife could hear fine in the back. If anybody asks I will defiantly tell them were to get one. Customer Service is Top Rate.

James Haesler

I'm sitting at work about 10pm and realize I need a couple of new connectors for my 3" Cycle Sounds system. I originally wired the bike one way and cut the male terminals off. I finally realized I should have got the T-Tap and used it. So I ordered the T-Tap, only to realize since I cut the wires, I didn't have the male spade connectors anymore. So I sent a quick email off to Cycle Sounds, and literally 2 minutes later, Ed, the owner, called me and told me he'd send a couple out to me. Talk about service! We talked a few minutes and I'll tell you, this is the kind of company I want to give my money to. Great products and great support! My sound system has been working on my Fat Bob with a Stage 4 motor and Cobra 2-1 pipes and I can still hear it at 90mph (or 65 for any cops out there).

Mike Deets

I recently bought your 3" Premium sound system for my 2007 Yamaha Roadstar. This purchase was going to be an upgrade from a helmet mounted speaker system that I had purchased recently that didn't have the volume I desired. I wired it all up and took it for a spin and was totally impressed with the sound quality. My hearing is trashed after 39 years as a locomotive engineer so I am grateful for the volume quality of this system. At 75 or 80 MPH with a half helmet and modified mufflers it performed flawlessly. 

We mounted the amplifier on the same mounting bolt that holds the rear brake cylinder reservoir and it made an extremely clean mount. I was unable to mount it as suggested because of my crash bars. I could probably drill and tap the center of my crash bars but I believe it is very secure where it is located. The speakers tucked nicely below my windshield bag and I directed them upward slightly so the speaker presentation is very clean. We mounted the iPod mount on the top screw of the front brake handle mount and the optional volume control (should be ordered with EVERY system so as to reduce the fumbling with the volume on the iPod) on the bottom screw.

I bought 2 new screws that were 1/4" longer than the stock issue and put loc-tite on them so I would have the same thread count into the block holding the brake handle and reservoir. I bent the iPod mount slightly so as to see the screen better. Just as a suggestion, I developed a couple of "playlists" just for my motorcycle use so I won't have to fumble with the iPod selecting a song that's compatible with cruising. I made one country playlist and one rock playlist.

I expect the best always and I believe your system is THE BEST!!!! 

Bubba Brown

I have been using the 2 inch (Series 1) speakers for about 8 years now. I recently received my 3" Premium Upgrade and installed them. It only took about 20 minutes and I tested the sound and put the bike away. Today, I rode my 2002 Softail Deuce with Vance and Hines Big Shots Staggered exhaust to work while using a Garmin Zumo 550 with the 3" Premium Speakers. I drove up to 95 miles per hour on the Autobahn without the volume even fully cranked and I could hear my music clearly. Wow. Outstanding!

Dennis W. Madtes

I saw your system at Daytona bike week, On the ride home to NC with nothing but wind to listen to I made up my mind and ordered your premium system this has got to be the easiest add on I have ever done mounted amp where horn mounts all other wiring is in the head light nestle of my Kawasaki VN 2000, I did need the speaker swivels glad I ordered them. I am sure some of my friends will order one also. Thanks for putting out a great product with all the junk on the market its good to see that quality is still alive.

Mike Hyland
Goldsboro, NC

I have a Sony am-fm-cd-usb 200 watt radio on my Yamaha Stratoliner and was looking for a set of decent speakers. The originals were horrible. After looking all over the internet I decided to call Cycle Sounds… I liked the website and they have a good selection, but I did not know which kit would be for me. After a conversation with them I was assured that the Series 3 Premium motorcycle 3 inch speakers would work well.

I ordered and installed them and I couldn’t believe the sound I was getting. Crisp, clean, sound without even adjusting the equalizer! If you are looking for quality speakers, you found them! When riding I did not have to blast the radio to hear it, in fact, I listen at a lower level than before and the sound is perfect.

This is the third pair of speakers I have tried and in comparison I don't think that there is any speaker out there that will outperform what I purchased from Cycle Sounds.

Peter Quaranta

series 3 motorcycle speaker kit on yamaha v-star

Bought the Series 1 system from a local dealer and installed it on my 2009 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Silverado. Sound was good but with Cobra drag pipes got lost a bit at higher speeds. Sent an email to Cycle Sounds on Sunday to describe my situation and in less than 2 hours the owner, Ed Files, replied and told me he would call me in morning to see what we needed to do. Talked to him the next day and realized I needed the 3" Premium System for my situation. He got it out to me next day and let me tell you it is everything you hear about. They sound great and no lack of sound at highway speeds. Besides the great sound system I have to say I am impressed (and releived) to know there are still companies out there that understand without happy customers they do not survive. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys and really appreciate the attitude that you care.

Scott Sweeney
Evansville, Indiana

When I got my bike 2 years ago I knew I wanted music. I was thinking of purchase a different system but a sales person told me I wouldn’t be satisfied with the quality. I decided to wait and use my headphones with my ipod. The headphones just didn’t cut it. The 3” handlebar speakers were the perfect product to add to my ‘08 Kawasaki Vulcan.

It was great hearing my music on the highway and other bikes wanting to know where I got my system. I was happy to tell them that Cycle Sounds has a great product and all of the employees are wonderful to work with. When I had a problem with my system, I called them and they were happy to tell me to come by so they could take a look at the problem. It was great that you took the extra time and effort to analyze and fix the problem. Everyone helped me get my music setup the exact way I needed, always helped me with a smile, and never pushed me away if I asked a silly question.

Thanks again! And I can’t wait to see what comes next in the line-up!

Olathe, KS

3 inch motorcycle speaker kit

Originally ordered the 2" speakers which were great but the 3" are definitely needed for cruising out side of city traffic. Cycle Sounds were fabulous is honoring the 100% guarantee and worked out an exchange within days just in time for annual The Roar on The Shore in Erie, PA.

One of the vendors inquired as to where I got them and was happy to refer them to you guys. Installation was a breeze and very "clean."

Mark J. Gusek
Erie, PA

road king series 3 speaker system

The installation was a breeze on my Road King Classic. It sounds awesome and looks great! I have already been complimented by other bikers who are also considering the same unit. I’m sending you a picture so that you can see how awesome and clean it looks. Take a look at the volume control under the left side chrome blinker housing. Rather than using the supplied bracket I decided to use 3M double back tape to attach it. It looks like it was always there from the factory. One extra benefit with the music is that my girlfriend moves and grooves on my back a lot more!!

Joe Mazzuca

Recently, my wife and I were on a trip to Sturgis. During the middle of our trip our sound system went haywire. Realizing we were passing close to your store on our return, we gave you a call and brought the bike to you for repair under our warrenty.

All your people were great!!!!! Your service people offered us soda's and took extra special time for us to locate and fix the problem. The owner's special attention in taking time from his routine to personally explain the problem my system encountered, what caused it and especially how to prevent any further problems was something I should have received during installation from my local store and was greatly appreciated and helpful. It was great to also get a personal tour of the new concepts and products that will be out soon.

I left with almost an entirely new system to include an extra speaker just in case for future problems if they ever happen and all on warrenty. Your company is really great and a model for others. I love your product. The sound system never sounded more clear or better than after your personal attention.

Joseph C. Pupsta
Cordova, TN.

I couldn't be happier with the new 3" speakes I purchased for my '09 Harley Road King Classic from your company! The installation was very simple and the directions were right on. The system is everything Ed told me it would be, especially the part of not being able to play them at full volume while driving at 90 mph. The sound clarity is outstanding at all levels of the volume range and at various speeds. Thanks again for all your help in selecting this system. I can't wait to see what products you come up with next!

Tom Maue

We just wanted to thank you for the installation of the 3" system on our Heritage Classic. This system ROCKS!!

We tell everyone about it and show it off at every stop. Other riders cannot believe the sound and clarity of this system while goin down the road at 75 mph. They can hear my Ipod over their own Ultra's or Street Glide radios. I had a minor problem with 1 of the speakers and it was replaced pronto at NO charge. Now that's SERVICE!! We will have the satellite radio additions added within the next month or so. Again, thanks and when at the Lake come see us.

Gary and Carla Fiene
Camdenton, Mo

The new 3" speaker system rocks. We are telling anyone we meet about your speaker system. It was very easy to install and we had it up and running in no time. Thanks for all your assistance.

Jerry Reik

Okay, first I wanna say THANK YOU! I contacted the dealer I got the system from and he swaped me out to the 2.5 inch and, yes, they sound great and don't look too bad either. I still like the chrome grills alot better, but anyhow thank you for all your help and thanks for responding so quickly. You have a customer for life and you have done the toughest job in todays world and exceeded my expectations!

Larry Palin

I received the system yesterday, installed on my bike last night. Drove the bike to the office today and the system sounds great, I could hear the music much better than the 2" Dock N Rock system I used to have. I could hear the music perfectly even over my Vance and Hines exhaust. Thank you very much for going above and beyond and getting me everything I needed as quickly as you did. Awesome customer service!!!!


I purchased the 2.5" premium sound system in hopes of a small, yet powerful and clean sounding system to go with my satellite radio. The installation was easy and clean. I took to the road to check out the system and I was totally amazed at the crisp, clean sound coming from this speaker system. I road at speeds of 65 - 75 mph and could still hear the words as well as music from the speakers, without blasting at full volume.

I would highly recommend this system to any motorcycle enthusiast who wishes to add sound to their bike, yet keep it clean looking.

Harold Seiple

I emailed you a few weeks ago explaining how my husband broke my new speaker for my motorcycle. You said to call you but I was unable to get with you. A gentleman named Bill I believe, assisted me and was aware of the email I sent to you. Bill took care of me and you folks were kind enough to replace or fix my speaker despite the fact it was our fault to begin with. That type of service is rare and I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of you for helping me out with my new purchase. I only hope the speakers are as good as your customer service!

Thanks again and I will definately recommend your company to friends, family and any others I speak with.

Christina Ammons

Thank you so much for the personalized service this morning. My husband (Bill) and I have truly enjoyed having your product. Although we have previously discussed how having a radio system on a motorcycle takes away from the enjoyment of the actual ride, we have found your speaker system to be very enjoyable and it actually looks good on our 2008 Road King Classic. Your salesman at the Lone Star Rally (I believe his name was Bill) was excellent and very patient in promoting your product. Your installer was also very patient and held up well working as long as it took to meet the installation demands.

In these days of personal service, you get a thumbs up from both myself and my husband. Thank you again and we will recommend anyone looking for a similar system to Cycle Sounds.

Bill and Brenda Lichenstein
Katy, Texas

Who says the tailpipe has to be the best sounding accessory on your crusier? Now you bikers can enjoy your music while cruising down the highway. Cycle Sounds makes compact, bolt-on sound systems for motorcycles that include two speakers, a 50-watt amplifier, and a handlebar mount for your MP3 player or satellite radio.

The two chrome aerodynamic bullet-style speakers act as directional drivers which broadcast the sound toward your ears. These UV- and water-resistant speakers mount to your handlebars and have 2" aluminum drivers that provide amazingly clear sound over the noise of the wind and the road. The tiny 50-watt amplifier delivers the power you need to drive the speakers from the headphone output of your MP3 player or satellite radio. Chrome mounting brackets and bolts, power and ground harness, and wire connectors are included.

It was great to meet you and Ron at the Bike Ralley at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. I want to thank you again for the great deal you and I were able to agree on regarding the purchase of the audio system, including the brand new 3" speakers, the chrome amplifier, the mounting bracket for my iPhone, and the volume control switch. Your company technician Ron, did a great job with the installation of the entire system, taking just about 1 hour. The installation was done extremely well, with all the wiring harness, and other wires neatly and carefully installed. The positioning of my iPhone bracket is also perfect. I enjoyed listening to the music that I have downloaded onto the I-Pod application on my iPhone for the 3 hour ride back to St. Louis after I left the ralley.

The music sounded great! The system works great! I am extremely happy with everything!

Dan Schroeder

I received my Sound System yesterday and it sounds as good as it looks. I am very happy, and will send a lot of business your way.

I want to commend you on your product and customer service. It was simple to install, sounds good, and you know how to treat customers with respect. There are so many different waterproof speaker makers on the market; I didn't know what I should buy. I'm certainly glad I picked your product and have already recommended it to others.

I got the product friday and mounted it saturday. Very impressed with it and how it sounds... Thanx!


ipod motorcycle sound system setup

I recently installed the new CycleSounds premium speakers on my bike. I already had the two inch Two Wheel Tunes speakers on the bike. They were OK for cruising around town, but were not loud enough for high speeds on the expressway. I installed the new premium speakers the night they arrived and hit the highway. I have not turned the volume on my IPOD past about 20% of the volume. The sound does not distort as the volume is increased. The speakers continue to sound good and rich as the volume is increased. At 20% of the IPOD's volume, you can hear the crisp sound 75 feet away. However, they are still small enough that they don't look intrusive on the bike. The new speakers are much louder and sound a lot better than their predecessors.

Garrie Butts
aka: PaPa Rider

Just wanted to update you and say thanks. Received the new amp and all is well. Looks amazing in fact you would never know I have a stereo on the bike except that when I turn it to Ear bleed, then there is no mistaking it has one. I appreciated the phone call from the owner, he definitely pointed me in the right directions to truly customize this and make it a real part of my bike. Did I mention they sound GREAT? Well they do!!! Clean, crisp, good bass from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin the never failed to amaze me.

Again thanks and rock on!!!!!

Pat Delly
2008 Softail Custom

A few months ago I purchased a speaker system including an MP3 mount for my Low Rider. I love the system, it sounds great.

Janice Kalliavas

All I can say is excellent job on the upgraded speakers. They sound awesome, look great, and make riding even better. I also appreciate the outstanding service that you and your team provide. You guys are a first class operation.

I've been listening to my 3" premium speaker system for a month now, and I have nothing but praise for this system. The quality of sound and workmanship is excellent. If you've been looking for a system for your bike, then look no further than this system! Two thumbs up!

Chris Webb

sereis 1 2 inch speaker kit on custom motorcycle

They sound and look great. I'm still working out the mounting of MP3 player (right now it goes in my vest pocket). I'll figure that out when I return from Iraq. Anyway, thanks again and it is so nice to have music when I ride


3 inch motorcycle speaker kit with mp3 player

About two years ago I purchased a Two Wheel Tunes kit. Because I love Nascar about as much as I like riding my 06 Road King Custom, it didn't take long to take a bit of Ed's advice and go with an Sirius Radio Receiver. After installing on my H/D and falling in love with my new installation of having tunes, I soon realized I needed to purchase one of their volume controllers that mount near your handle bar controls. Man after doing this I was good to go, riding with tunes and listening to Nascar for about two years, I'm in pig heaven!!

Then I was surfing on the internet, and I see some claim that states a company called Cycle Sounds is selling a new 3" speaker, guaranteed to kick butt over the standard 2" speaker. So I purchased them. I had to do a bit of changes to the way I mounted them because the 2" speaker had their own little brackets. So I added the new 3" speakers to my already mounted 1" aluminum round bar.

So, I'm writing this, to tell those that haven't heard Cycle Sounds new 3" speaker that they do kick butt over the 2", and well worth the money to upgrade or change to. I had a little concern with one of the new speakers, cosmetic, but Ed suggested to sent it back and they will take a look at it. By the time they received it, reviewed my issue, I had a new speaker, in hand with in 3 days! You can not beat the service Cycle Sounds gives their customers, its incredible! They sound so much better, have more volume while really not taking too much more space and truly look awesome!  My friends thought I got a completely different radio system because of the difference in sound! Thanks Cycle Sounds, I love your new 3" speakers! You can't have them back!!

Covington, Wa.

I just wanted to update you guys on my upgraded speakers. I'm one who can say experienced both set of speakers the 2 inch was good for city riding and then i found the 3 inch upgrade. Now i'm very satisfied with my systems the speakers looks and sounds incredible. My wife and I both can here the music at 80 on my harley with my loud pipes and my iphone is only turned up 3/4 the way. Valerie was very helpful and I must say between Ed and Valerie customer service was A+. Thanks I will be sending you business. I will be taking my Harley by to the harley shop so they can hear how it sounds with my new speakes. A must for anyone who rides.


I would like to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the Cycle Sounds 3" system. Everything about this system is first rate quality, from the wiring components, to the finishes on the chrome which make an attractive addition to the bike (HD Heritage Softail Classic) with out being gaudy or "clumsy". Most imprortantly though is the qaulity of the sound. Even at top speed with loud pipes the clarity of sound is amazingly clear. This is a great product and would recommend this system to anyone.

Mark Stanhope

My wife just recently purchased the MA2 Hogtunes speaker system from a friend of ours who owns a motorcycle shop for my birthday. After I got them installed on my bike, I found that you could not hear them going down the road. The sound quality was also terrible even when sitting still. I got in touch with Hogtunes and they told me that there was nothing that they could do. They said the speakers were not designed for the highway. The person that we purchased them from now has to eat the cost because they refuse to take the speakers back or refund the money. I would not recommend that anyone purchase these speakers from the company Drag Specialty's because they will only back up these speakers if they are broke. I just purchased your 3" speaker system and I hope that they do everything that you say they will do.

Jerry Reik

I just wanted to drop you a quick line. I finally got a chance to install the new speakers you suggested, and I have to say, they were everything you said they would be. After installing them I headed straight to the highway. I thought I had a different system on the bike. They were loud as hell and had great quality sound.

Your Premium System has been installed this past weekend and is working perfectly. The sound is loud and clear, and even with an open helmet, that does not reduce the wind noise, one can hear the music very well. The riding experience will be even more delightful from now on. Thanks a lot.


It sucks to get down the road and forget your Ipod. That bike doesn't ride worth a damn without the music.

Alton P Travis

Well I got my series system installed the other day and could not believe the sound that came out of it! Hooked up my Garmin Zomo GPS with the mp3 player to it and all I can say is WOW. Music is GREAT and GPS turn by turn street names comes through fantastic! All I have to do is listen and enjoy. Thank you Cycle Sounds! You have a great product and everyone who see's and listens to it thinks so to. Keep up the good work!

Wayne Cheveldave

Had the 3" system installed on my VTX at the R.O.T. Rally last weekend. The staff were excellent - efficient and friendly. The system sounds great, very good volume. I wasn't prepared to purchase a system, so I didn't have a media device with me. Thanks to you I had one before I left your tent! The ride back to Oklahoma was made more pleasant for the tunes.

Don Cleland
Apache Family Medical Clinic

After riding with the 2" speakers for almost 3 years and being a little disappointed I visited your booth at the R.O.T. Rally. Ron Gambell helped me with a set of 3" speakers for an upgrade. I am blown away! No more straining to hear my iPod on the highway. I now find myself reaching to turn them down a bit. These are top notch units. The quality of the speakers shows in the sound. Added bass, lack of distortion and added volume were well worth the cost (Ron also cut me a great deal). Thanks for a quality product at a fair price.

Johnny B.
Saginaw, Texas

I just installed my new 3" sound system on my 2003 Indian Chief and I wanted to let you know this is the best add on item that I have installed on the bike. I also bought the volume control and ipod charger to complete the install. I can't tell you how pleased I am about the quality and how clean everything looks. I would like to also add that your customer service is A+, this was all ordered by phone and the sale went perfect. Keep up the good work.

Rob Cofer
Tewksbury, MA.

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks for the replacement speaker. Your customer service was first class, and quick. In this day and age everyone seems to have time to complain, but no one takes the time to say "Thanks, job well done."

Dave Meyers

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that you are frig'n great at Cycle Sounds.

A month ago I had an issue with one of my 2" speakers on my bike that I bought this past winter. So I contacted you guys about it, not knowing that 2 wheel tunes was not part of your product line, (I just thought you guys had bought that company). Even so you guys helped me out and sent me a replacement speaker anyways and got my system up and running again. Thank you.

I was so impressed with your company that I decided to go with your 3" speaker upgrade and I couldn't be happier. These new 3" speakers are amazing and they blow the old 2 wheel tunes speakers out of the water. These 3" can be heard over my pipes and the wind noise at any speed while riding. The installation was easy and once I looked over the mounting options, it was just four holes in the console and the mounting was done. They fit the console so perfectly that you would think they were designed specifically for the Harley Rocker.

Now I just need to install a set of black flush mount gas caps, so they stop detracting from the great look of the speakers.


Rock Box™ Radio

series 3 motorcycle speaker system with rock box radio

Just wanted to share with you guys that I got my Series 3 speakers and Rock Box installed finally. And it's named appropriately - It really ROCKS!!!! Many THANKS!!!

Officer Jeff Coleman

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the Rock Box and Boom Cans speakers I purchased at the Galveston Rally are crazy sick!!!  Keep up the good work!!

Mike Lindsay

To Ed and the gang @ Cycle Sounds, Want to thank you for your hospitality when we visited in early Oct 2013 to update my wife’s Rock Box. She is thoroughly enjoying it… But most of all I want thank you for taking care of us with the upgrade for the Digital Amp (thought it was when we purchased from Powersports Superstore), but as we found out visiting y’all, it was indeed an analog amp. So u took care of us with the upgrade, and then with your help we talked the wife into Series 3 speakers for her Wide Glide. And again thanks for taking care of the upgrade… She LOVES her Cycle Sounds Rock Box with the Series 3 speakers. It sounds awesome! Thank you again she loves it!

Craig & Renate
Eldon, MO

series 2 motorcycle speakers with rock box all-in-one radio

I ordered a Rock Box about 2 months ago and had a few minor issues I didn’t understand. I contacted Cycle Sounds and they put me in touch with Ed. What outstanding customer service I received. My Rock Box had to be returned for a problem now I’m not sure was their issue, Ed was more than happy to take care of me and assure me everything will work the way I wanted it to. It’s on my girlfriend’s bike who rides a Dyna Superglide Sport with Cobra pipes. The Rock Box and the Series 2 (2.5”-150w) handlebar speakers are loud and sound great. I had originally bought another manufacturer’s and thought I was happy until I heard the Cycle Sounds. They blew me away, they look great and my girlfriend loves them. What else can you want! If you are looking to buy motorcycle audio equipment and are not sure what to buy or where to start, please call Cycle Sounds. They are honest, fair and really know what they are talking about. They are willing to work with you no matter what the problem or how long it takes. Guys keep up the great work and keep pumping out the great products. Thanks again.

Darrin from Cleveland

Absolutely love the Rock Box! The sound is incredible, it looks great on my bike and is easy to use. Can't wait to download more songs and cruise. To anybody thinking about adding a sound system, I highly recommend Cycle Sounds' Rock Box. 
Installation took right at one hour and was professionally done.
 Thanks again.

Jeff Clark
Independence, KS

Valerie, I received the radio and speakers today. I just finished hooking everything up and I got to tell you this radio and speakers are everything that was advertised and more. It is freaking awesome!!!!! The instructions were also spot on. Thanks!

Can-Am Spyder RSS

Thanks for everything you guys did for me and my bike this last Saturday. The speakers and Rock Box are great! I’m glad I waited for you guys to do it... I will forever be a customer of Cycle Sounds!

Tim Miller

Cycle Sounds you "ROCK" - I love love love my new Rock Box!!! It arrived Friday; It was installed by Friday night and wow it's totally awesome!


Saddlebag Speaker Lids

I’ve just installed your Series 6 fairing speakers, 4-Channel Amplifier and Bagger Audio Lids on my 2014 Street Glide and this setup is perfect! Sounds great! Extremely happy and will be using Cycle Sounds products from this point on.


Just wanted to give my two cents on Ed, his crew and his products. First of all, I am currently serving in the military and it's refreshing to see a company that honors veterans. I own a 2014 Street Glide Special and have had two different amps in this bike already. Arc Audio's KS 125.2 and Rockford's brand new Power T400XAD. I'm running focal power KRC165S in the fairing and with each amp they sounded good, but not as good as the 700 dollar price tag they came with. I ordered Ed's whole set up for my saddlebags (lids, wires magic boxes). I installed Hertz Hi-Energy HCX690S in the lids. After getting everything installed it just didn't sound good at all on the Rockford amp. I called and spoke with Ed directly as I wanted to make sure everything was hooked up right. After verifying it was good he told me of some issues with my amp selection and suggested I purchase his 4-channel amplifier. I wasn't ready to spend any more money on another amp and after much thought and disappointment with my current setup I pulled the trigger. After installing it right away I was excited to hear the difference; Not only was Ed right, but the Cycle Sounds amp litterally blew the competition away at a fraction of the price of the big name brands. Ed even took the time to call me from his personal phone while having a date night with his daughter to answer some questions I had. Ed and his products are first class and top notch. He has made a customer for life out of me and I tell everyone I come across about Cycle Sounds. My bike finally sounds like the bike of my dreams thanks to Ed and his team at Cycle Sounds. Thanks again Ed!

Jon D.

I have set of your Bagger Audio™ Saddlebag Lids installed on my 2009 Road Glide. During mock up I could tell the fit and finish was excellent. Post paint Installation was a breeze and the sound is absolutely amazing! I am running a Bagger Nation House Party system and it turns heads everywhere I ride. I recommend Bagger Audio Lids every opportunity I get.

Christopher M. Ash

I received my lids today and I must say that I am impressed with the overall package. I was expecting glass lids and they are injected plastic like the originals... very nice, and the components chosen to go with them are top of the line as well and gives me options to add my own high power amp with ease.

Daniel Schmittling

harley saddlebag speaker lid system

Thanks, I really love them.

Dan Buck

I purchased a set of the Bagger Audio Saddlebag lids (complete) for my 2010 Fat Baggers Inc Razorback motorcycle. I can honestly say that after looking at Loud Lids, the Saddlebag speaker kit from eglidegoodies and some others, that the Cycle Sounds speaker lids caught my attention immediately. They were the best looking I found. These lids were a direct replacement for my current saddlebag lids. Not only does the flush fit look good but the sound system is a killer. My wife can now hear music when she rides with me and she wears earplugs. WOW!!! In just over a week since I have had them, I have gotten many positive comments and I look forward to many years of listening to music. I also want to thank Ed for his assistance in the wiring of my speakers. Great support.

Kenny Miller
Conover, NC

As the Customizing Consultant for a Harley dealership I have been using the Cycle Sounds handlebar mounted speakers for years to give my customers music when they ride. When Ed at Cycle Sounds told me that he was coming out with a set of speaker lids for the touring bikes I told him I wanted the first two sets. I put a set on my bike and a set on my best friend's bike. I was really impressed with the quality of design and fabrication. Since getting the first two sets our shop has used the saddlebag lids speaker option to build high end sound systems for our touring/custom customers. I love the product and always have a positive experience in dealing with the crew at Cycle Sounds.

Bull Levkov
New Berlin, WI

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy my new Bagger Audio lids on my 1999 Harley Ultra Classic. After installing them I went on a poker run and my stock radio sounded awesome. The guys that were with me said they could hear my iPod playing all the way down the road and we had 30mph winds. At the next rally I was at there were people telling me my old stereo sounded better than some systems they had been told cost $3000 or more to install. I am leaving tomorrow to go try it on another ride and am sure the results will be the same. The only thing I say other than wow, is I am glad I bought them.

David Giles

I was in the market looking for a way to enhance the sound of my Bagger and didn’t want to loose any space to speakers. In my search I heard about your lids (Bagger Audio) and was astonished with the idea/product that I had to give it a try. I purchased the lids only and went with some great 6x9’s driven with an amp. After hooking up the speakers and amp I noticed my Bags still had a lot of room and the big “Wow” came when I turned on the sound system. Was able to get such a great sound from the lids that 2 stories up the comment ‘Wicked Loud” was stated. This concept is great and after paint it is a perfect fit for my Bagger.

These truly are a work of a genius! Thanks!

Stephen Wood

DSP Line-Level Shifter (Magic Box)

I installed the Cycle Sounds 4405-0263 4-Channel Amp this last weekend on my 2014 Harley Street Glide. Just wanted send a quick note to say thank you. This amp is awesome! It is completely noise free when it's supposed to be with no hum or buzz like I experienced with a competitors amp. The adjust-ability of channel gains and frequencies are a huge bonus also and has more than plenty of power for the open road. Your customer service was extremely helpful too! Thank you. Well Done!


I spoke to Ed Tuesday night about the magic box on my 2014 SGS and I just wanted to let you know the damn thing is awesome. 150% difference in sound. My current set up is pbr300x2 and infinity kappa 62.11i and I never got the head unit flashed so it truley was night and day once I installed the magic box. Gave you guys a good review on hdforums (id: njstreetglide). Keep up the good work, thanks for your help, and I imagine you guys will be selling a bunch of these. Thanks!


I installed the Rockford Fosgate T400X4AD on my 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special. At first I was very disappointed; sound was great in the garage, but something changed once I turned the engine on and went down the road. The bass and mid bass were almost completely absent. I tried to tune it to the best of my abilities with no luck. I purchased the DSP Line-Level Shifter (Magic Box) from Cycle Sounds and re-tuned my amp. The gains had to be adjusted from 1/4 to around 3/4 and the punch EQ was adjusted higher also. In the garage it sounded better than before, but the test would be starting the bike. I started the bike and to my pleasant surprise, it sounded better... Much better! I took the bike down the road and put on a different mix of music to see how it sounded. Everything was exponentially better. It had a full, rich sound... The sound I would expect! Thank you, Ed, at Cycle Sounds for the help and creation of the magic box!

Rob Moore

Fairing & Lower Speakers

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for your hospitality yesterday and helping with my audio issues. The guys stayed after-hours to make sure the problem was corrected and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I actually believe the system sounds even better now and I haven’t experienced any further audio failures since the work was done. I remain a huge fan of Cycle Sounds and never fail to endorse your company when people comment on my audio system.

Mike Williams

I’ve just installed your Series 6 fairing speakers, 4-Channel Amplifier and Bagger Audio Lids on my 2014 Street Glide and this setup is perfect! Sounds great! Extremely happy and will be using Cycle Sounds products from this point on.


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the Rock Box and Boom Cans speakers I purchased at the Galveston Rally are crazy sick!!!  Keep up the good work!!

Mike Lindsay

Well my wife bought me your Power Pucks for Christmas and I just finished installing them. DAMN man they are more awesome then you described to me. I would definitely recommend these to anyone and everyone. Why waste money trying other things this is the way to go. My J&M 7.25” fairing speakers sound absolutely amazing with your Power Pucks.
Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me on the phone about your product and showing me that as the Founder/CEO that you back your product 100% and that you actually care about the people that buy them.


We just recently attended Bikes Blues and Barbeque in Fayetteville AR. and met with Ed and his team where they were doing installs on bikes there at the rally. I have an ultra classic that I was having alot of trouble with sound on my bike at higher speeds. The Guys were really good to spend time with me and explain how there systems work and the benefits I would have out the different systems they offer. I chose to go with just the front 5 1/4" Fairing speakers at the time and WOW what a difference. The rear speakers are truely over powered immediately with just the fairing speakers. The sound quality was amazing at both low and high road speeds. My next purchase will be the saddle bag speakers but I will tell you its only because of my wants and not my needs as the front speakers are just that great. The guys that did the install at the show took much pride and consideration to my bike as if it were there own. If you ever have an oportunity to work with them don't pass them up. I own my own company and know what it takes to make sure satisfaction is number one with customers and these guys make it happen. I assure you I dont take the time to write testemonials very often but felt they were deserving of one.

Charles Crook

Hi, I live in New York City and I just want to let you know that your product is of the wall. I just had the Power Pucks installed on my 2004 HD Electra Glide and the sound is UNBELIEVABLE, living in NYC with all the traffic I always had to have the volume control up near the 3/4 mark to hear my stereo. Now with the Power Pucks I don't even need to push the sound up half way and I can hear the music loud and clear while doing 70 mph. You have a great product and I will proudly recommend the Power Pucks to anybody who wants to upgrade their stereo system. A very HAPPY customer.

Chris Gallagher

I recently picked up a brand new 2012 Victory Cross Country in Ft Pierce Florida. One of the things I really like about this bike is the amount of storage space in the bags. I wanted a bigger sound system in the bike, but that would mean giving up space in the bags for an amplifier system. With Cycle Sound their speakers have a “puck” amplifier that mounts on the back of the speakers themselves which allows them to amplify the sound without me losing any storage space in my bike.

I had heard about Cycle Sound, and made an appointment with them to install their system on my new bike during Daytona Bike Week. I dropped the bike off with them for the installation while I checked out thethe show. After returning, I tested it out and found that there was a major increased in the volume output. Before the volume on the stereo topped out when I turned the volume up to three quarters, now I get increasing volume all the way up to the very top of the volume scale with clear and undistorted sound. I can even wear a full face helmet and hear the stereo perfectly at any speed!

I left Daytona and headed to Pensacola, a six hour trip, and the entire way other bikes were pulling up next to me on their way out of Daytona amazed that they could my stereo more clearly than their own. I went from Pensacola to Houston and kept having people, including the police in Houston, telling me to turn down my stereo because it was so loud. When in Houston, I kept the volume turned down to half and it still sounded better than the stock stereo ever did. From Houston I headed toward San Antonio enjoying crystal clear sound while riding along the Riverwalk with my own beautiful collection playing. In between in the deserts of Texas I turned the stereo up to full volume again since the lizards didn’t mind. After a week and a half of blasting the speakers, except for that day and a half in Houston, the sound was just as clear as the day they were installed. In the past running the volume at full blast has blown out speakers in a very short time - that is definitely not happening with my new Cycle Sounds system.

Rolling on, I blasted through New Mexico and Arizona and into California still with awesome sound and clarity. While in San Diego I was the loudest thing in the street, with a better sound than car stereos all around me. I rode from San Diego up the California Coast to San Francisco, and then on up the coast into my home state of Washington - two weeks on the road and the stereo sound is as crystal clear and undistorted as on the first day. The trip was a total 5200 miles, and the stereo made ever moment enjoyable.

Victor Kolbe
Washougal WA

Sportbike & Recreational Systems

I ordered the Series 3 - 3" 200 watt system for my Can Am Spyder. We installed it yesterday and I wanted to let you know that it is awesome and I love it! The system is obviously of excellent quality and the speakers look like they were original factory equipment. The sound is great and can be heard well even over my loud aftermarket exhaust. I will spread the word about your line among my biker friends and in my on-line Can Am forums. Thanks for a great product!

Ed Schappert
Can-Am Spyder

Valerie, I received the radio and speakers today. I just finished hooking everything up and I got to tell you this radio and speakers are everything that was advertised and more. It is freaking awesome!!!!! The instructions were also spot on. Thanks!

Can-Am Spyder RSS

I wanted to thank you for our recent purchase of the 2" plastic chrome speakers. You wanted us to give them a try and man are they great. I purchased them before Thanksgiving and wasnt able to try them out on the road until the weekend after. The sun came out it was a little chilly but a great day for a ride. They were easy to install and man did they have a great sound for such a small speaker. The Ipod just plugged in and there was no helmet or ear piece to mess with. My wife and I both could hear great; I even had to turn it down a little. Run up to over 75 miles an hour and could still hear great. We did travel the back roads for most the trip and I was thinking how can I get my wife to buy me a set for the boat.

Great Price and Great product. Thanks again!

Chris Russell

One Word. Awesome!

My new sound system is truely awesome. Good things do come in small packages and this one packs a punch! Easy installation putting the player at my fingertips with volume to spare. Now I can jam everywhere I go. Thanks for a great product!

James Bell

series 1 - 2 inch sport bike audio system with ipod

Looks and sounds great, thanks!

All I did was buy some L brackets, painted them flat black and used pre existing screw holes from the faring to mount the speakers. I mounted my amp under the passenger seat on the outside of the seat bracket so I will still have storage and plenty of air flow. Then bought a classic iPod holder and used the velcro to mount it to the tripple tree. Looks and sounds great, thanks!