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Dealer Display Program

free dealer display Width: 12" Depth: 8-1/2" Height: 14"

Get one of our high-quality counter-top displays for FREE just by purchasing 3 or more units.We want all of our dealers to have a great opportunity in selling Cycle Sounds products and the best way we have found help people is to let the customer see and hear our systems.

It works like this... Option 1) Buy 3 Amplified Speaker Kits (Series 1, 2 or 3) and we will install one of your purchased units on a free counter-top display with a power supply prior to shipping so you have a fully working counter-top display unit that will sell the product nearly by itself. Option 2) Buy 5 Amplified Handlebar Speaker Kits and we will install an additional FREE Sound System (of same series version as purchased) on a display with a power supply prior to shipping. Just the display alone (w/o system) is worth over $100 and is an unbeatable chance to make the most out of selling Cycle Sounds Amplified Speaker Kits.

Simply tell your sales representative when placing a qualifying order that your dealership would like to receive a free display unit. It’s that easy.