Since Ed’s passing in December of 2015, Dana has taken a year to make the difficult decision of closing down Cycle Sounds. As a result and starting today, Cycle Sounds is offering deals that will not be repeated and until the inventory is sold. All items will be sold “as is” and are not returnable nor will they carry any warranty, express or implied, or rights to return or receive a refund (see page). The deals will be priced so low that we will not be able to offer free shipping. Our prices to you under these circumstances will be a fraction of the pricing you see on this website. Please call us to inquire about pricing and place orders—1(866)427-2346

About Our Company

Vision and Inspiration is the Key to our Success

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This all started with a single vision to make an easy to use and universally compatible sound system for any motorcycle with open handlebars. A two inch motorcycle speaker and a waterproofed mini amplifier got everyone inspired to see just how far this could go. Working out of a basement then a garage and finally into an entire manufacturing facility and shipping warehouse our vision has grown stronger and wider every day for over 8 years. Over that course we have been dedicated to making products that are attractive, functional and inspire new ideas from ourselves and our customers. Every day at Cycle Sounds it's about making products that riders find themselves not being able to live without. And it’s a good feeling when bike builders and riders alike choose Cycle Sounds above all others.

Being the first to do something isn’t ever easy and will inevitably lead to being followed, but we never dreamed it could be this big. It didn’t happen overnight and took a lot of hard work, but we truly are still as dedicated today as we were in the beginning and even more so now. Our visions grow grander and our inspiration stronger with every beat and we are eternally grateful to our customers and partners that help us do what we do best... Make products that change the way people think about audio products throughout the motorcycle industry.

Analyzing Sound Technology is our Business and our Passion

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Being an audio technician might sound glamorous, but it takes a lot of hard work and a passion for an audiophile to pull off. Other companies think anybody can make a speaker, which is correct, but it takes true innovation to bring something to your customers that outperforms the competition and is truly unique. At Cycle Sounds our only business is audio products and we take a lot of pride in that. We simply can’t produce foot pegs and cup holders because it’s not what we’re passionate about. Without passion we have nothing and we would not be able to succeed in such a highly competitive business without it. When big brands try to mimic our products we are flattered, but when those products fall so short we know why. They don’t have the background or the passion for audio products that we do.  When you choose Cycle Sounds not only do you get a superior audio product, you get superior customer support and a company who is willing to stand behind their product with the passion that helped create it.

Our Products are Engineered to Hold Their Own, Even in the Most Demanding Conditions

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Ever had to ask yourself, “will this product hold up knowing what I’m going to do with it”? That’s the question we ask ourselves every time we get a new idea or prototype or decide to bring a product to market. We simply will not stand for inferior craftsmanship because we know our customers can’t afford to. When we certify a product as “All-Weather” you can count on the fact that we have done the testing necessary to know so. We know what our customers want and we make it our business to deliver on that without question. Every time a rider goes out we want them to have as much pride and confidence in their sound system as we do and that all starts with cutting edge design and rigorous conditioning. When you buy Cycle Sounds your buying our seal of approval and our knowledge that the products we are delivering will stand up even in the most demanding conditions.

Face it, in a world of corporate players who know nearly nothing about the riders using their products, you can’t just roll the dice and hope for the best. You have to roll with the best and we are proud to stand up, make the difference and be the odd ones out. The odd ones who know their customers by heart and understand the rider’s wants and needs with disregard for corporate agendas.